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Motor Vehicle Purchase & Finance

You’ve probably heard of “fleet discount” which is a term used to described the very real benefit enjoyed by organisations purchasing a fleet of vehicles for their business.

The savings, generally a minimum of $2,000 can be quite significant.

The good news f is that through our group buying power you can now enjoy this benefit irrespective of whether buying one or more new cars and regardless of whether they’re for business or private use, including many luxury cars as well.

Finance and Insurance and the disposal of any trade-in can be arranged with the new vehicle being delivered to your front door.

Looking for a specific used car can be a very time consuming and non-productive ‘hassle’ so let us help you with this as well. Through a national dealer network we can find the exact car you’re looking for so let us do all the ‘walking’ while you enjoy the driving.

For full details please contact our National Customer Service Centre on