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EPP could save you 20% on telephone calls..(save more with VOIP)

Telephones! The mere mention probably sends shivers up your spine as this is most likely one of THE major expenses incurred in the day to day running of your business.

Well, feedback would indicate general concerns when comparing offers from competing providers. So for a simple cost effective approach with reliability and attention to service.

EPP can save you SUBSTANTIAL money on the cost of ALL telephone calls and in particular long distance, fixed to mobile, with the latter now representing over 50% of most business calls. Now with VOIP on local, national, calls to mobiles plus international calls are all cheaper still.

Does your Telecommunication provider offer options of flexible billing plans to help you manage your business

The answer to this should be YES, so for an obligation free assessment as to just how much we can save you please phone/fax our National Customer Service Centre on 02-89059381